Welcome to Borestone Primary School!  We are a school for children aged 3 to 12 and currently we have a nursery and 10 classes.  Our school can be found in the St Niniansís area of Stirling.  For those of you who know your Scottish history, the school sits near to the site of the Battle of Bannockburn.  In case you are wondering when this battle took place, it was in the year of 1314 when King Robert the Bruce defeated King Edward II.  Unsurprisingly we are exceptionally proud of our links to Scotlandís history.


Borestone Primary is a fantastic school and we have lots of opportunities to learn new things and be involved in the decisions made in school.   We are also a Rights Respecting School so we know how important rights and responsibilities are.


Luckily we also have a vast playground to have fun and learn in.  Our outside space has been recently redesigned to include grassland, mounds, a sandpit, campfire area, stage, platforms and a growing area.  Not only that, we have a small wood nearby and we use it for outdoor learning.  Undoubtedly we have the best grounds in the whole of Stirling!


We hope you enjoy looking at the website and finding out more about our fabulous school!






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