Come to our Sharing Learning Day on 26th March at 1.30pm to find out all about what we've learned about the Battle of Bannockburn.




 This is Borestone's All about us page and, well, it tells you all about us!!





In 2009, Borestone had its fiftieth anniversary. The school celebrated by having an event day, and every class prepared something to show in front of the school at our weekly assembly on Fridays. Borestone has had many fundraisers to raise money for the school or other things e.g. Pudsey Bear Day, Pink Day, Children in need etc.




Our primary school has a staggering fifty-two rooms! They include: the library; lunch hall; P.E. cupboards; Janitors room; the offices; community room;  cleaners' cupboards along with our storage rooms for our resources such as; paper, pens, jotters, textbooks etc.




At the moment, there are a hundred and eighty  nine students in Borestone, along with 37 teachers, support staff/helpers, cleaners, cooks, the head teacher,  and our janitor.


Borestone has recently bought new tables and chairs (Postura +), which are both very comfortable and shape fitting. The older classes have red chairs and tables,  the other classes have blue, green or yellow ones.



Just to the left of the school, is the Robert the Bruce Statue along with the Bannock Heritage Centre and its Scotland Flag. It is a very pleasant view for the Primary Six and Seven pupils as they can see it from their classroom windows. Around the side and back of the school is a gargantuan grass plain for pupils to play in (there is also a concrete area around the front and back for things like skipping, hop scotch, basketball etc. ) Borestone is a lovely school, and as I said before, it has stood for 50 years!  Most pupils have been at Borestone all their life and I hope they are enjoying it.

In school, there are loads of helpers in the school. They also help in the playgrounds to monitor the children and make sure if there's any accidents that they get seen.




Most classes get P.E. twice a week, and a music lesson every two weeks with our music teacher Mrs Brown.


  Most art takes place in the classroom with their teacher but we do have an art room which we use as well 


Sometimes during a school year, great opportunities come up for students to take part in.  Last year, our primary 6 class who are now in primary 7 took part in the Bee Project.  Bill Turnball from BBC news also visited our school to share in our learning.  As a result we appeared on BBC News! 



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